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Founded in the Isle of Dogs in 1885 as Millwall Rovers, the club crossed the river - soon dropping the suffix - to New Cross in 1910, and have been south of The Thames ever since.

You’ll find some of the current bestselling Millwall books below.

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After The Lord Mayor's Show: Millwall Football Club in the 1990s – Part 1:

By Merv Payne

Life is rarely dull at Millwall Football Club. They often cram more incidents in a decade than most clubs manage in their entire history. The 1990s was no different…

“Just read this book. It’s a really good read, and a trip down memory lane. Can’t wait for part 2.”

Daydreams and Nightmares: Millwall Football Club in the 2000s – Part One

By Merv Payne

Millwall entered the new century back where they had spent much of their history – in English football’s third tier…

In and out of the Lion's Den: Poverty, war and football

By Julie Ryan

When 20-year-old John Shepherd scored four goals on his Millwall debut in a Third Division (South) match against Leyton Orient in October 1952, he not only equalled the national record for an away match debut (which has never been surpassed) he also launched a footballing career which saw him go on to score prolifically for Millwall, Brighton & Hove Albion and Gillingham.

His daughter Julie Ryan tells his remarkable story here…

Five-star Amazon review:

“I have just returned from a 5-day trip to Rome, I took this book with me to read. I have to say that I couldn’t put it down, during the day we were out seeing the sights of Rome, it was absolutely brilliant to come back to the hotel knowing that I had such a good book to pick up again. I am a football fan and I was born 2 streets away from where John Shepherd was born, it was fascinating reading about the area which I grew up in, in such vivid detail, I remember a lot of what the area was like as I was born in 1948.

“The other aspect of this book which I found very enlightening was Julie Ryan’s grandfather’s recollections of the Spanish Civil War. I was never taught anything about this at school, and this book reminded me of the struggles that the Spanish people and sympathisers went through. Maybe this should be introduced into schools in this day and age. I highly recommend this book to all people who like a good read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.”

Mr L Knight

Millwall 50 Greatest Matches

By David Sullivan

“This was a gift to a longstanding Millwall supporter who had been to some of the games referred to. He was thrilled with the book which brought back many pleasant memories.”
RJR Britten

The Lions' King

By Bryan King

“This is a wonderful book, full of fantastic descriptions of the 1960s’ and 1970s’ football world, and of marvellous London. I would immediately recommend it both to football lovers and to people who are not so much interested in football. It is very well done and will inspire both older and younger generations alike.”
Fabiola Taraschi Gianluca Sardi

Ordinary Boys – Millwall's FA Youth Cup Winning Class of 1979

By Merv Payne

They were just a bunch of ordinary football-mad boys from the local estates, but together on the football pitch they were unstoppable.

“Read how unfashionable clubs have to meet the challenge of success. It does not lie in money but in youth. It requires faith and trust in nurturing youngsters to achieve their potential. You must have a plan then stick to it until fruition. There will be ups and downs but as long as you understand your fan base, expectations can be met.”


Millwall Who's Who: A complete record of every player to represent Millwall Football Club

By Neil Fissler, Dave Sullivan, Jim Creasy

A complete record of every player that has represented Millwall Football Club since their first competitive game in 1886.

A Natural High: Millwall Football Club's Two Seasons in The First Division​

A Natural High: Millwall Football Club's Two Seasons in The First Division

By Merv Payne

1988 – The second Summer of Love.

A year that began like any other blossomed into a feel-good factor not experienced since the 1960s – Millwall were in the First Division!

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