Author Spotlight: Matt Eastley

Author Spotlight: Matt Eastley

“I am the author of ten football books, including two what I describe as ‘stocking fillers’ – these are The Charlton Miscellany and Charlton On This Day. I also collaborated with Graham Tutt on his autobiography – Never Give Up – before his untimely death.

For the fiftieth anniversary of the 1966 World Cup Final, I tracked down more than 350 people still alive who were at the game in various capacities and told their story, accompanied by superb portraits of them, in the book 66 on 66 for which I got plenty of airtime on national radio and TV including one of Danny Baker’s calls of the year.

Prior to that, I’d written a series of books remembering the glory days of the FA Cup, tracking down hundreds of people and telling their stories alongside the story of each season’s cup campaign. These three books covered the 1960s, 1970s and the 1980s.

My latest book is called Brian Moore Saved Our Sundays and takes an unashamedly nostalgic romp down memory lane to the golden age of regional televised football. The book is being done with the full blessing and support of Brian Moore’s sons, Chris and Simon, who have supplied some unbelievable photos and cuttings. I also have the full support of Mark Johns (Hugh’s son), Kevin Gardam (Bob’s son) and Margaret Sinstadt (Gerald’s widow).

Before they died, I was fortunate enough to speak to the likes of Gerald Sinstadt, Paul Docherty, Bob Gardam, George Taylor, Gerald Williams and David Bobin.

I have also interviewed and had fantastic contributions from Martin Tyler, Jeff Foulser, Jim Rosenthal, Gerry Harrison, Robert Charles, Tony Mills, Richard Worth, Linda King, Patricia Pearson, Steve Hamer, Elton Welsby, Neil Bowker, Trevor East, Gary Newbon, Roger Malone, Roger Tames, Graham Miller and many more.

I am hopeful that Kevin Keegan will provide the foreword.”

Books by Matt Eastley

Charlton Athletic Miscellany

Charlton Athletic Miscellany: Addicks Trivia, History, Facts & Stats

Hardcover by Matt Eastley

“Charlton Athletic Miscellany” is a treasure trove for fans of Charlton Athletic FC. It compiles fascinating trivia, historical anecdotes, notable facts, and essential statistics, offering a comprehensive and engaging overview of the club’s rich heritage. It’s an essential read for anyone passionate about the Addicks and their storied past.

Charlton Athletic On This Day

Charlton Athletic On This Day: History, Facts & Figures from Every Day of the Year

Hardcover by Matt Eastley

“Charlton Athletic On This Day” presents a daily chronicle of the club’s rich history. Featuring significant events, milestones, and memorable moments for each calendar day, this book provides fans with a year-round glimpse into Charlton Athletic’s legacy, making it a must-read for any dedicated supporter of the Addicks.

Never Give Up - The Graham Buster Tutt Story

Never Give Up: The Graham ‘Buster’ Tutt Story

Hardcover by Matt Eastley

“Never Give Up” recounts the inspiring journey of Graham ‘Buster’ Tutt, a footballer whose promising career was tragically cut short by injury. The book highlights his resilience and determination to overcome adversity, detailing his struggles, triumphs, and the unwavering spirit that defined his life both on and off the pitch.

66 on 66: I Was There' Memories from English Football s Greatest Day

66 on 66: I Was There’ Memories from English Football’s Greatest Day

Hardcover by Matt Eastley

“66 on 66” compiles firsthand accounts from spectators who witnessed England’s historic 1966 World Cup victory. Through vivid recollections and personal anecdotes, this book offers a nostalgic journey back to Wembley Stadium, capturing the atmosphere, excitement, and enduring significance of that unforgettable moment in English football history.

From Barry Stobart to Neil Young: When the FA Cup Really Mattered: Volume 1 - The 1960s

From Barry Stobart to Neil Young: When the FA Cup Really Mattered: Volume 1 – The 1960s

Paperback by Matt Eastley

“From Barry Stobart to Neil Young” nostalgically revisits the golden era of the FA Cup, chronicling memorable moments, underdog triumphs, and legendary players of the 1960s. Through captivating storytelling and historical insight, the book captures the magic of football’s most prestigious competition during a time when every match held the promise of glory and drama.

From Ronnie Radford to Roger Osborne: When the FA Cup Really Mattered: Volume 2 - The 1970s

From Ronnie Radford to Roger Osborne: When the FA Cup Really Mattered: Volume 2 – The 1970s

Paperback by Matt Eastley

“From Ronnie Radford to Roger Osborne” immerses readers in the thrilling drama and iconic moments of FA Cup football during the dynamic 1970s era. With gripping narratives and captivating anecdotes, this volume celebrates the underdog victories, memorable matches, and footballing legends that defined this pivotal decade, reminding us why the FA Cup was once the pinnacle of English football.

From Ricky Villa to Dave Beasant: When the FA Cup Really Mattered: Volume 3 - The 1980s

From Ricky Villa to Dave Beasant: When the FA Cup Really Mattered: Volume 3 – The 1980s

Paperback by Matt Eastley

“From Ricky Villa to Dave Beasant” delves into the FA Cup’s exhilarating highs and dramatic lows throughout the dynamic 1980s. Through captivating storytelling and iconic moments, this volume celebrates the unforgettable matches, surprising upsets, and footballing heroes that made this decade an unforgettable chapter in the tournament’s storied history.

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