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Chelsea are one of England's biggest clubs, and one of the most successful over the last two decades.

This is a football club with a rich history, and a potentially fascinating future.

The up and downs over the last four decades provide plenty of ammunition and inspiration for authors.

From former players’ autobiographies and boardroom turmoil, to noteworthy matches and trips down memory lane, Chelsea books will always guarantee a good read.

You’ll find some of the current bestselling Chelsea books below.

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Chelsea: The Rebirth of the Blues

Rebirth of the Blues: The Rise of Chelsea Football Club in the Mid-1980s

By Harry Harris

This is the third instalment in Neil Fitzsimon’s trilogy on Chelsea. The book reflects on one of the most exciting eras in the club’s history – 1977 to 1985…

Chelsea Scrapbook

Chelsea Scrapbook

By Michael O’Neill

A limited-edition hardback – an insight into Chelsea’s incredible rise to become one of the greatest clubs in Engligh football.

A must-read for any Chelsea supporter.

Chelsea: Tales from the Shed

Tales From the Shed: An Anthology of Stories and Articles About Chelsea FC

By Mark Meehan, Mark Worrall, David Johnstone, Kelvin Barker, Neil Fitzsimon, Rick Glanvill, Martin Knight, John King, Alexandra Churchill

‘Tales From The Shed’ is an collection of 34 short stories.

Mark Worrall had the initial idea for the book in January 2022 and enlisted the help of fellow Chelsea authors, fanzine writers, bloggers, cfcuk and supporters with a story to tell…

Chelsea: 100 Memorable Matches

Chelsea: 100 Memorable Matches

By Chelsea Chadder

Whether you’ve been supporting Chelsea Football Club all your life, or just in recent times, the memorable matches included in this book will evoke memories in fans of all ages…

Chelsea: Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue: How I Fell in Love With the Great Chelsea Team of the Early Seventies

By Neil Fitzsimon

Rhapsody in Blue is a wonderful story of growing up in the late 1960s, early 70s, in the aftermath of England’s 1966 World Cup triumph.

The book recalls how a boy fell in love with Chelsea, cheering them on each week. At the same time, he become immersed in the culture of street football…

End Of An Era: Chelsea 2021/2022​

End Of An Era: Chelsea 2021/2022

By Chris Wright

This book is a personal account of a season that unravelled in an unprecedented way.

Hope and glory were replaced by doom and gloom when Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the government in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Chelsea were put up for sale…

Out of the Blue: Chelsea's Unlikely Champions League Triumph​

Out of the Blue: Chelsea's Unlikely Champions League Triumph

By Gary Thacker

Thacker writes with authority about a rollercoaster season.

The 2011/12 campaign; from AVB and the nadir of Naples, to Munich and Drogba’s iconic moment in the shootout.

A Deeper Shade of Blue: Eddie McCreadie's Blue and White Army and a False Dawn​

A Deeper Shade of Blue: Eddie McCreadie's Blue and White Army and a False Dawn

By Neil Fitzsimon

The author intersperses his recall of Chelsea’s early/mid 1970s implosion, and resurrection under Eddie McCreadie, with warm memories of the rites of passage of his late teens and early 20s – holidays with mates, nights out in clubs etc.

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