Brian Moore Saved Our Sundays

Brian Moore Saved Our Sundays

The Golden Age of Televised Football

“Brian Moore Saved Our Sundays: The Golden Age of Televised Football” is an evocative tribute to a seminal period in sports broadcasting, spotlighting the legendary commentator Brian Moore. It vividly portrays how Moore’s unique voice and passionate commentary became synonymous with football, transforming Sunday afternoons into a weekly communal event for millions of football fans across the United Kingdom. 

Brian Moore, a figure of immense respect in sports journalism, was pivotal in popularising football through television. His ability to convey the game’s excitement, drama, and nuances endeared him to viewers. The book delves into Moore’s tenure at ITV, covering key matches and significant football events, including World Cups and European Championships. It also recounts his most memorable broadcasts, his rapport with players and managers, and his behind-the-scenes influence on football coverage. 

The narrative places Moore’s career within the broader context of televised football’s ‘golden age’. This era marked the sport’s transition from a local pastime to a global phenomenon. The book meticulously details the technological advancements and innovative broadcasting techniques that revolutionised how football was presented to the public. The introduction of colour TV, instant replays, and multi-camera setups are all explored, demonstrating how these changes elevated the viewing experience and brought fans closer to the action. 

Personal insights and anecdotes from colleagues, players, and fans add depth to Moore’s professional story, revealing the profound personal connection he had with the game. These accounts highlight Moore’s meticulous preparation, storytelling knack, and unwavering passion for football. The book also delves into the camaraderie and occasional rivalries among broadcasters, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the world of sports media. 

“Brian Moore Saved Our Sundays” also reflects on the enduring impact of televised football. It examines how TV coverage helped democratise the sport, making it accessible to a broader audience and cementing its place at the heart of British culture. It also covers commercial aspects, including sponsorship deals and the rise of football as a lucrative entertainment industry.

The book is a heartfelt homage to a bygone era, honouring the moments and personalities that defined a generation of football enthusiasts. It highlights how Brian Moore’s contributions shaped the perception and appreciation of football, firmly establishing him as a sports broadcasting legend.

Brian Moore Saved Our Sundays: The Golden Age of Televised Football​

Brian Moore Saved Our Sundays: The Golden Age of Televised Football

Paperback by Matt Eastley

Brian Moore Saved My Sunday revisits the golden age of regional televised football when the voices of Brian Moore, Hugh Johns, Gerald Sinstadt, Gerry Harrison and others narrated football highlights on tailor-made shows nationwide. This book is packed with exclusive interviews and anecdotes from that special era.

About the author

Matt Eastley is an author, journalist, broadcaster and retro-football expert who has written ten books, including 66 on 66 and three books on the FA Cup finals of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. He has been a journalist for over 30 years, spent seven years at the BBC in a senior role, and appeared in many newspapers and on numerous TV and radio programmes. He is a football commentator for BBC Kent. He has previously been featured on English Football Books in our Author Spotlight section.

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