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Birmingham City

The club began life as Small Heath Alliance 1875, dropped the 'Alliance' in 1888, became Birmingham in 1905, then added the 'city' suffix in 1943.

The stadium concerns look to have been addressed as St Andrew’s gets a well-earned lick of paint, plus the repairs to the serious structural issues that caused a large part of the famous old ground to be closed. 

Blues fans can now concentrate on supporting their club again, reading wonderful history books or nostalgic memoirs such Keep Right On, which takes its name from the iconic club anthem. 

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You’ll find some of the best Birmingham City books below.

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Bad Blood – Birmingham City V Aston Villa: A Biased Blue Nose View of the Rivalry

By Keith Dixon

Bad Blood is a completely biased look at the second-city rivalry – through the eyes of a Bluenose.

“Ignore the Villa reviews. They won’t have read it. This is a decent read. As a supporter of the only club in the city to have won a major trophy this century, I would recommend it. KRO.”
Paul Tait

Birmingham City: 50 Greatest Matches

By Keith Dixon

Birmingham City 50 Greatest Matches covers some momentous games in Birmingham City’s history.

The club has been acknowledged over the years as ‘a sleeping giant’.

Unfortunately for Bluenoses, this particular giant has not yet awoken…

The Leaders, Birmingham City: The official publication for the 140th Anniversary of the formation of BCFC

By Keith Dixon

2015 was the 140th Anniversary of Birmingham City Football Club.

Keith Dixon has put together a history of the club’s successful captains from 1930 to 2015.

Blues Insider: A Quarter of a Century with Birmingham City

By Keith Dixon

Blues Insider is an alternative history of Birmingham City Football Club.

“A must read for any Birmingham fan. The way the book is written is great.”

The Birmingham City Miscellany

By Tony Matthews

The Birmingham City Miscellany – full of facts, stats, trivia, stories and legend.

“I can only say that this book was well received, it was a Christmas gift and the person who received it seemed to like it. The Birmingham City Miscellany was a good choice for this person who is a keen blues supporter.”
A Bricknell

Birmingham City: The Complete Record

By Tony Matthews

Published in 1995, the date, result, scorers, line-up and attendance of every game since 1881 is listed in this book.

The Official Birmingham City Quiz Book

By Chris Cowlin, Marc White

“I bought this for my uncle and it proved to be one of his best presents yet, he really liked it and couldn’t put it down. I would definitely buy a book again and will be considering buying more for presents at Christmas.”
Sarah Jane

Birmingham City on This Day: History, Facts & Figures from Every Day of the Year​

Birmingham City on This Day: History, Facts & Figures from Every Day of the Year

By Tim Evershed

This book reveals the most memorable moments from the Birmingham City’s distinguished history, mixing in anecdotes and characters to produce a properly dippable Blues diary –

with an entry for every day of the year.

Keep Right On: A Memoir of Birmingham City Football Club​

Keep Right On: A Memoir of Birmingham City Football Club

By Robert Pedlingham

“This story captures a moment in time when Birmingham City FC became a force in the land.”

Join the author in his affectionate memoir, his boyhood dreams for his club and his thoughts on the key players. Illustrated with images from his well-worn Birmingham City Football Club scrapbook.

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