Author spotlight: Spencer Vignes

Author Spotlight: Spencer Vignes

Spencer Vignes has written for more newspapers, magazines, agencies and websites in the UK and abroad than he can remember, including most British national newspapers. He is perhaps best known for his football and tennis work, having been a soccer correspondent on The Observer from 2002 until 2012 and covered every Wimbledon since 2003. Fans of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club will also know him for his contributions to the club’s award-winning match day magazine.

Over the years, Spencer has written seven books, three of them (‘Bloody Southerners’, ‘Eric & Dave’ and ‘A Few Good Men’) focusing on his beloved Brighton & Hove Albion, the club he’s supported since 1978 when, at the age of nine, his family moved to Sussex. Now resident in Cardiff, his critically acclaimed book ‘Lost In France’ about the life and death of maverick Edwardian era goalkeeper Leigh Roose, football’s first true superstar, was recently turned into a documentary by BBC Radio Wales, with Spencer on co-presenting duties alongside the former Welsh international Neville Southall (there’s also talk of it being given the Hollywood treatment, but for the time being it remains just that).

All being well, Spencer’s eighth book – a biography of the Barnsley, Newcastle United and Chile goal machine George Robledo, the first overseas player to win the Golden Boot in English football’s top flight – will be published in late 2024.

Spencer is a regular guest lecturer at schools and colleges throughout the UK, talking to students about the pros and cons of embarking on a career in journalism, especially from a freelance perspective. He can also be heard on various radio stations both in the UK and abroad, including ABC Australia, BBC Radio Scotland and talkSPORT.

Books by Spencer Vignes

Bloody Southerners: Clough and Taylor's Brighton & Hove Odyssey​

Bloody Southerners: Clough and Taylor’s Brighton & Hove Odyssey

Paperback by Spencer Vignes

Delving into the tumultuous and fascinating period when legendary managers Brian Clough and Peter Taylor led Brighton & Hove Albion. The book captures their brief but impactful tenure, highlighting the challenges, controversies, and legacy they left at the club, offering a compelling look at a pivotal moment in Brighton’s football history.

Lost in France: The Remarkable Life and Death of Leigh Roose, Football's First Superstar

Lost in France: The Remarkable Life and Death of Leigh Roose, Football’s First Superstar

Paperback by Spencer Vignes

The book chronicles the extraordinary life of Leigh Roose, an early 20th-century football legend. It explores his pioneering career, charismatic personality, and tragic death during World War I, shedding light on his significant yet often overlooked impact on the sport and its history.

Eric & Dave: A Lifetime of Football and Friendship​

Eric & Dave: A Lifetime of Football and Friendship

Hardcover by Spencer Vignes

Twp goalkeepers, one jersey and a lifelong friendship. This book chronicles enduring bond between Eric and Dave, two lifelong friends united by their love for football. Through personal stories and shared experiences, the book celebrates their friendship, the passion for the game that cemented their connection, and the adventures and challenges they faced together over the years.

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